The IOR Safety Code of Practice for Non Flammable, Lower Toxicity Refrigerants (Group A1) has been updated by the IOR as a reference source and guide to interpretation of the latest standards and regulations.

The publication provides essential industry guidance for owners, designers, installers and operators of vapour compression refrigerating systems that use any A1 image for webgroup A1 refrigerants which include HFC and HFC blends. It covers properties of refrigerants, decommissioning, testing and maintenance as well as design issues with useful appendices such as typical schedules for inspection and maintenance, system register details, machinery rooms, definitions and an updated list of relevant standards.  The Code has been prepared by the IOR Technical Committee as a reference source and guide to interpretation of current safety standards such as BS EN378:2016 and legal requirements such as F Gas, PED, PSSR.  

The IOR publishes four Safety Codes of Practice specific to refrigerant type - all available free to IOR members.

The remaining Codes are under revision and are due to be reissued in April 2018.

  • Non Flammable, Lower Toxicity Refrigerants Group A1
  • Flammable Lower Toxicity Refrigerants Group A2L, A2 and A3
  • Carbon Dioxide R744
  • Ammonia R717 

Download or purchase the Code here