Well Hello February, what can I say...you took your time.

stem 1It’s the Month of St Valentine.  Are we in the mood for love?  How am I going to link this to something related to our industry or your role in it – well here goes!

Last week I took part with the Education Committee on our IOR EDUCATION: TACKLING SKILLS SHORTAGES session online. Recording is available to all here.

We discussed our industry and awareness and recruitment alongside training and qualifications. I was there to discuss Stemazing and STEM ambassadorship. About giving back, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying to raise awareness at schools and clubs about engineering. And refrigeration!  I am not an engineer so it has been an amazing learning curve. 

I think we gotta get out there – into the world.  Influencing, a phrase that young people are oh too familiar with. Its about investing in our industry for our future.  Have you thought about it? It is surprisingly NOT too time consuming. So – I am putting it out there. Have a think – could you give some time back to your industry!

And how about you! Self care is so important. You look after you first then you can look after everyone else. Work and home. So in the month of Valentines – TREAT YOURSELF. Whatever floats your boat!  But take some time for you! Not because I say so – obviously. But because you deserve it.

Take care till March.