May I welcome you to Spring … Nope I may not, because it is not here, yet.  But being in the industry we are in…. it cannotBlog May pic arrive soon enough.

The weather will improve and the longer days seem to make us less sluggish amongst other things.  We tend to do more with our days during these productive months of the year, not only industry-wide but also with our personal time.  However, we have to take care not to do too much.  Which is funny as I have 2 things to talk to you about that you could do when planning what to do with your sun-draped days over the next few months.

But one of the most important things I can honestly say, I think, will be spending time with people.  Good people: friends and family, colleagues at work and across the industry.  It is always a good idea to relax and enjoy people.

Have a walk outside and smile.  Say Good Morning – it’s a gamble, will they say it back or think you’re a weirdo.  Who cares?  Run the gauntlet.  Be pleasant in the supermarket, the library and the Dr’s.  Behaviour breeds behaviour. 

Do I like all people… nope I do not.  But I do like a lot of people.  And although sometimes it can be overwhelming to get out there, in the long run, it's good for your health.  Your mental health. All. Day. Long.

So here are a couple of things that are going on that you might be interested in.  And if not – that’s cool.  But try and do something you are interested in.  For your mental health.

 May I point you in the direction of the two following events, happening in JUNE, but I wanted to be ahead of the curve for you:

24 June 2024 Women in RACHP - A day of practical engineering: Design of Cold Stores and Refrigerated Cabinets

 at Carter Thermal Industries Group in Birmingham. 

This day will focus on the importance of design to achieve energy reduction, review the international standards and explain why design decisions are taken.

The day is open to anyone working in, or interested in, the refrigeration air conditioning and heat pump sector.  Have a look at


23 June 2024 International Women in Engineering Day #INWED24

Celebrating the amazing work that women engineers worldwide are doing to support lives and livelihoods every day.

What could you do to celebrate this at your workplace or personal life?  Someone you know inspires you?  Celebrate them – post about them.  Fun activities at work? Go for it!  Honestly, as little or as much as you would like.  But something is better than nothing for sure. Find out more at

The IOR are proud sponsors of the fantastic INWED.

Enjoy the People 😊 Enjoy the sun!

Take care, until we meet again… in June.

Sam Buckell and Lisa Waters