In March the IOR welcomed a fantastic young person to participate in a week of work experience. In this post they share what they will be taking away from their week with the IOR and their thoughts on engineering as a career choice.  

My week of work experience 

Hey everyone! Join me as I take you on a journey through my week of work experience and what it is like to work for the IOR. Throughout this immersive experience, I discovered firsthand the importance of increasing the visibility of women in engineering. So, let's dive in and explore the insights I gained!

During my week of work experience, I had the incredible opportunity to do a survey asking young people what they think of engineering. This was a very insightful survey and showed me that most people who don't see a future in refrigeration and engineering are women. 

Visibility plays a vital role in inspiring and encouraging individuals to pursue certain careers. Throughout my week, I noticed a lack of female engineers in leadership positions and a scarcity of role models to look up to. This absence made it clear that we need more women to be seen and celebrated in engineering.

Engineering has long been perceived as a male-dominated field, perpetuating stereotypes that discourage women from pursuing careers in this area. By showcasing successful women engineers, sharing their stories, and highlighting their achievements, we can challenge these stereotypes and inspire more women to join the field.

 It's crucial to empower and encourage young girls to explore their interests in STEM subjects and consider engineering as a viable career option. With the IOR this week I have been introduced to their website, this site has really changed my views on engineering and refrigeration, sites like these need to be promoted more.

 My week in work experience shed light on the need for increased visibility of women in engineering. By promoting sites like amplifying their presence, breaking stereotypes, and inspiring future generations, we can create a more inclusive and diverse engineering industry. Let's work together to ensure that women are seen, heard, and celebrated in this exciting field!