carole bondCarole Bond was well-known to many members and had a tremendous influence through the sessions she ran for the IOR's SIRACH network events. Her networking facilitation was always fun and interactive, as she helped groups and individuals to understand how business and sustainability interact, and how they could make a personal difference in accelerating change. 

"Carole's SIRACH networking was legendary. She had a fantastic ability to work out the room and communicate clearly what everyone was thinking and feeling."  said IOR Past President Graeme Maidment of LSBU who chairs the SIRACH group. 

Her approaches and techniques have been used successfully in many areas of heating and cooling environmental work over the years including the EU CryoHub project that IOR was part of and the GreenSCIES heat recovery consortium where she helped encourage co-design with local communities.     

The images show Carole at work for SIRACH and IOR, taking part in technical tours, and leading group networking feedback.