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If you missed Graeme Maidment presenting his J&E Hall Gold Medal Award-winning research a recording of the presentation and discussion is now available

Overview of the paper and presentation 

His paper and presentation investigates the decarbonisation of heating and cooling by working across commercial boundaries as part of a smart energy system. Many cooling applications exist close to a demand for heat and by sharing energy between applications deliver near-zero carbon heating and cooling in a cost-effective way.

This paper describes the evolution of research from London South Bank University in sustainable cooling and heating. It starts with describing the challenges associated with decarbonisation of the UK energy system, it then links this with the need to develop more sustainable cooling concepts. It describes research carried out on sustainable cooling of the London Underground including the challenges associated with heat exchange followed by the evolution to the Bunhill scheme which bivalently cooled the Tube and delivered heating to local housing. The paper then describes the development of smart local energy systems, using a case study called GreenSCIES which integrates heating and cooling with mobility (Electric Vehicles) and power to create a smart local energy system. Wider opportunities for the integration of heating and cooling are then described with some specific case studies. The paper concludes by looking ahead to future policy opportunities.