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If you missed Graeme Fox giving his Presidental Address a recording of the presentation and discussion is now available.

Overview of the paper and presentation 

The IOR sector – representing industrial and commercial refrigeration as well as building services air conditioning and heat pump applications – needs to approach projects with a far more collaborative attitude going forward if tomorrow’s buildings are to be truly carbon neutral. Megawatts of usable heat is being rejected from cooling applications every year and much of this could, with a little bit of joined-up thinking, be recovered and used to supply heat for heat networks or social housing built near non-domestic buildings. The building services design consultants need to work more collaboratively with the refrigeration consultants, rather than in the traditional silos so that we can harness rejected heat and help our built environment become truly carbon neutral.

The paper presentation discusses these options and offers some solutions by example and concerning case studies which have proven that the technology and applications work in the real world.