Stephen Gill as President of the Institute of Refrigeration (IOR) has just been nominated as one of the world’s top STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and stephen gill iorMathematics) influencers.

This is based on an analysis by Oanalytica of nearly 2.4M posts on STEM from 18th July 2017 to 18th July 2018, looking at social influence as well as authority by analysing how much influencers are referenced on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Forums, Blogs, News and Tumblr content. Steve was named as one of the influencers in the Top Industry Professionals category which gathered experts from some of the World’s most renowned brands and organisations including Microsoft, Amazon and the British Council.

This reflects the fact that the promotion of technical advancement and of cooling careers are at the heart of what the Institute of Refrigeration does and social media is increasingly becoming a crucial tool in helping the IOR to spread the word about the latest industry news.    

Commenting on his addition to the STEM top influencers’ list, Stephen Gill said It's exciting to see that in my role as President of the IOR I have been listed as one of the Top Industry professionals in STEM. This reflects positively on the impact of the work of IOR to raise the profile of refrigeration’s contribution to society and as an excellent career choice. Follow the IOR on twitter @thecoolinghub or me @stephencgill to find out what the buzz is about!”

In addition to Twitter, the IOR also runs a Linkedin group (IOR Discussion Group) and a Facebook group for members.

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