logo block WinRACHPThe IOR's Women in RACHP group has recently launched  the “100 for 100” campaign to increase female membership of the IOR to a 100 by the Women's Engineering Society 100th anniversary in June.

Since getting involved with the Women in RACHP network, the IOR has grown female membership significantly but still only has 48 women as members.

There are numerous advantages to joining the IOR whatever type of job you are doing, whether this is a support role such as sales and HR or a technical role such as technician or design engineer.  Member grades include:

  • Affiliate for those without technical experience or qualifications
  • Student and Young People for our younger members and graduates
  • Associate for those fairly new to responsibilities in the industry
  • Technician for those with a few years of practical experience and a basic level of qualification
  • Member for those with management responsibilities and/or qualifications

All our members receive professional development opportunities and certificates and get regular newsletters and technical bulletins to keep them up to date.

Many of our members’ careers have gone from strength to strength with the help from the IOR, so if you believe that you too could benefit from our support or if you work with an amazing female colleague, find out what grade would be right for you and apply online at https://www.ior.org.uk/membership

To make contact with the members of about our fantastic WomenInRACRHP group and find out about the networking and events they offer see https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8521148/