The Engineering Council updated its guidance for engineers and technicians on sustainability this January.  Registered engineers are required to carry out their work in a way that contributes to sustainable development.  The six principles set out by the Engineering Council to support professional engineers and technicians when making decisions for clients, employers and society that affect sustainability are as follows:

1. Contribute to building a sustainable society, present and future

2. Apply professional and responsible judgement and take a leadership role

3. Do more than just comply with legislation and codes: be prepared to challenge the status quo

4. Use resources efficiently and effectively

5. Seek multiple views to solve sustainability challenges

6. Manage risk to minimise adverse impact and maximise benefit to people and the environment


Various tools are available to assist in this work including:

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The IOR is a Professional Affiliate member recognised by the Engineering Council as a specialist engineering association. Members of the IOR are eligible to apply for registration with the Engineering Council at Chartered, Incorporated or Engineering Technician level. Find out more about how you can gain this recognition at

Contributing to environmental objectives and the journey towards net-zero is one of the IOR's top strategic priorities for 2021-22.  More details on this work are available at