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Koura is a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of fluoroproducts that play a fundamental role in enhancing everyday lives. Our products are used in a vast range of applications such as the construction of towns and cities, keeping homes cool, food fresh and even in the treatment of respiratory conditions.
We are the largest producer of fluorspar in the world, accounting for over 20% of global supply, and also produce around 10% of global hydrofluoric acid supply. These products are used by our manufacturing centres in Mexico, the UK, USA and Japan and it is this “Mine to Market” structure that ensures a secure supply chain for our customers across sectors including steel, cement, aluminium, automotive, refrigeration and pharmaceutical.


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ElectraTherm generates fuel-free, emission-free power from low temperature waste heat using the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and patented technology. ElectraTherm’s POWER+ GENERATOR produces fuel-free, emission-free electricity from waste heat. Hot water is the fuel.

The POWER+ utilizes ORC and proprietary technologies to generate power from low temperature heat. The machine uses a closed-loop ORC cycle with a BITZER twin screw expander, the power block, which drives a generator to produce electricity.

ElectraTherm has more than 70 machines in the field, operating in 10 countries. ElectraTherm’s fleet has generated more than 1.2 million hours of runtime to date. Typical applications include waste heat from the following: stationary engines & CHP, biomass, biogas, micro geothermal, oil & gas co-produced fluids, and flare elimination from oil and gas production, or at wastewater treatment plants and landfills.

In 2016, ElectraTherm was acquired by BITZER, the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors.


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FeTu Limited, an innovation driven enterprise, present their novel ‘Roticulating’ energy conversion platform, a simplistic device which seamlessly converts between rotational and volumetric forces. In its simplest form it is a compressor offering a step-change solution to energy efficiency and reduction. Evidenced by third-party tests demonstrating +80% isentropic efficiency and generating pressure from 100rpm.

Uniquely FeTu can compress and expand within the same unit (‘Compander’), creating endless possibilities for both open-loop (air-cycle cooling/heating) and closed-loop systems (waste heat recovery and refrigeration).  Able to run any thermodynamic cycle and entirely reversible, FeTu offer an efficient, cost-effective solution utilising natural refrigerants to solve critical energy issues through energy generation (powered by waste heat, solar), energy recovery, heating and cooling.

FeTu are seeking end-users, industry-based organisations and OEM’s eager to improve their energy efficiency and secure a defined market advantage via collaboration or license.


pdmwithspacingPDM Analysis Ltd is the provider of specialist software SCORGTM, and its latest cloud-based extension SCORG alto, for the design and analysis of positive displacement screw machines including compressors, expanders and pumps.

SCORGTM has unique capability to evaluate the performance and operation of these machines using Thermodynamic Multi Chamber Model or Computational Fluid Dynamics. It is designed to minimise efforts and maximise efficiency of the design process by enabling geometry analysis, preliminary thermodynamic evaluation and grid generation of multi-rotor machines.

PDM Analysis is uniquely positioned with the backing of City, University of London’s Centre for Compressor Technology where SCORGTM began as an idea and is continually being developed. SCORGTM is a result of over 25 years of experience in the study of screw machines and collaboration with a large portfolio of leading manufacturers, research centres and universities.

PDM Analysis offers turnkey design solution to engineers, complete with software, training, resources and consultancy services.

The company, along with its partner institution City, University of London, is also actively seeking collaboration with industrial companies for R&D of SCORGTM in various applications.


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DAIKIN Refrigerants area supplier of high-performance fluorochemical products and was established in 1992 as the sales and services headquarters for DAIKIN Industries’ Chemical Division in Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

For more than 80 years, DAIKIN has been a leading producer of fluorine refrigerants.

As the industry faces the regulations to phase out Ozone Depleting Substances, known as the Montreal Protocol, DAIKIN has been at the forefront of the drive to provide environmental friendly refrigerants. In 1991, we began Asia's first mass production of HFC-134a, and in 1996, we built the world's first commercial scale plant of HFC-32.

DAIKIN is the only company in the world dedicated to manufacturing both air conditioning systems and refrigerants. With this unique situation, we continue to develop new refrigerants, which can raise energy efficiency on equipment and lessen the environmental impact. DAIKIN is committed to explore and adopt cutting-edge technology, in order to continually offer value-added and solution-based products and services to customers.


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ACR News is an authoritative magazine aimed exclusively at the cooling sector with its design and emphasis on business and technology. Producing twelve monthly issues along with topic specific supplements over more than thirty years, ACR News has continued to keep readers abreast of diverse topics across the latest technical advances, new products and legislative changes likely to impact on their businesses. These features make ACR News essential reading among manufacturers, distributors, contractors, consultants, and end-users.


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Star Refrigeration is a leading provider of industrial refrigeration and heat pump solutions. Established in 1970 and employing more than 300 staff, our products and services focus on delivering a competitive price and long term benefits to customers in terms of reliability, efficiency, and longevity. Our core business is the design, manufacture, installation, and aftercare of bespoke and packaged refrigeration systems across a wide range of markets including food production, temperature controlled storage, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, data centres, HVAC and ice rinks. For over 40 years we have developed innovative natural refrigerant solutions including low charge ammonia systems for refrigeration and heat pump applications and C02 for low-temperature freezing.


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