• How are membership grades allocatedAll applications are reviewed and evaluated by our Membership Committee against the membership grade criteria. The Committee are a group of volunteers with extensive knowledge and experience in the sector. New applicants are reviewed by the Committee monthly and applicants are allocated the most suitable grade of membership based on the information and evidence they provide about their roles, experience and qualifications.  Applicants are asked to give their consent to the grade allocated and may appeal or provide more information if available. For a more detailed explanation of how the Member Grades match experience and qualifications download and refer to the Membership Grade Guidelines.
  • What is the difference between Associate (AMInstR) and Member (MInstR) Grade? Membership grade is allocated in recognition of high levels of responsibilty, experience and/or qualifications.   Associate Members are those who do not have sufficient experience or responsibility to meet the Member grade but still have considerable practical skills in refrigeration or an associated industry and theoretical knowledge. They may also hold a practical qualifications such as an HNC or Level 2 apprenticeship with a few years of experience.  Associates are eligible for the IOR Member Pathways Initiative to plan their career progression to achieve full Member grade.  They will often apply for advancement of their membership grade after they have obtained a few more years experience or increased responsibilities at work. Associates are able to use the initials AMInstR after their name and take an active part in influencing the future of the Institute by voting in Elections and standing for Executive Council.
  • Do I need to have RACHP qualifications to join? Not necessarily, the Membership Committee take account of both experience and qualifications. For example if you can prove that you have had a highly responsible job in the sector for over 10 years you could be eligible for full Membership.
  • Need more guidance on applying?  A sample completed membership application form is available here for guidance on the level of detail needed to allow the Committee to assess your grading. Please contact our membership secretary if you have more detailed queries at  membership@ior.org.uk
  • How long does it take to get my membership agreed? If you provide plenty of detail about your work experience and upload copies of the necessary supporting information as well as the name of a reference with your application you should be able to get your membership confirmed within 4-6 weeks.
  • Can IOR members become Chartered  Engineers? IOR membership can offer a route to professional recognition and registration with the Engineering Council at CEng, IEng or EngTech level through a joint agreement with CIBSE. Find out more here.
  • Can Service engineers or Technicians join the IOR? We have a special section for Refrigeration and for Air Conditioning hands-on engineers which is open to anyone including business owners, engineers, apprentices, teachers and service managers who either do not fit the IOR membership grading criteria or who only wish to receive publications and not be more actively involved in the IOR.  See the membership grades pages for more details of how you or your employees can sign up.
  • I'm not happy with the grade I've been offered. Can I appeal?  Please contact the Membership Secretary for further advice, if you can provide additional information about your career or qualifications the Membership Committee may be able to reconsider your grading. Contact membership@ior.org.uk for guidance.
  • Are student discounts available? Yes there is a special discounted rate for students and for those who don't qualify as Associate Members and are allocated Pre-Associate grade.
  • How do I pay for my membership?  When you have completed your form you will be invited to pay an application fee by credit card (for member, associate, affiliate grades). After your membership application has been approved we will contact you and you can confirm your membership on line and pay your first years fee through the website "my applications" area  by direct debit or credit card.
  • When does my membership due?  All IOR memberships become due for renewal on 1st April each year. Members are sent an email reminder to renew if you have not already set up a direct debit you can pay by credit card or make a bank transfer. Details are provided of how to renew your membership in the reminder email.
  • Cancelling your membership. If you decided to cancel your membership please contact the membership secretary.  Cancellations will take immediate effect. Membership fees are non-refundable.