New Year New You

New Year – New You – no thank you, I am absolutely fine as is.  But a fresh start? Well yes why not. 

And this is a fresh start and is a welcome to our WiRACHP monthly blog.  Or more like a ‘check in’ really. 

Lisa Waters and I will be updating each month throughout the year.  Pointing you in the direction of WiRACHP events or maybe in the direction of something that you might find interesting.  We are excited to announce a series of industry-focused events in the coming months, kicking off with our Practical Engineering Day on 14 March. This event includes hands-on taster sessions for refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump maintenance. It serves as an excellent introduction to the field of engineering. To learn more and secure your spot, visit

We are also plotting happenings focusing on diversity, career progression, health and much much more. Make sure you hit 'subscribe' to be the first in the know. 

If there is something that you might want us to mention then please email us on: 

But for our first blog – may we wish you a HNY – whatever this looks like for you.  It may be positive and full of promise.  It may be terrifying and full of the unknown.  I hope for the former but am also only too familiar with the latter.  Let’s keep everything crossed. 

We are all the main headline star in our life stories but only bit players in others but we all have an important role to play no matter what.  Don’t underestimate yourself or your place in the day.  What you do and how you behave matters and this is never more true than in the workplace.  What you say to others, how you act in front of colleagues and clients.  Behaviour does breed behaviour. 

So New Year – not New You, but why not ‘The Best You’…. that you can manage. 

You are making a difference even when you don’t think that you are. 

Do your best and you can’t do anymore!  But AIM for your best. 

Take care till February.  And don’t forget to contact us with anything that you might like mentioned or highlighted. 


Sam Buckell and Lisa Waters