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The district heating network in Clydebank will be operated through an energy centre. Within the energy centre, heat pumps will extract water from the River Clyde. This water will then be transported via district heating pipes to homes and businesses to heat them. Additional pipes will mean public buildings such as Clydebank College and Leisure Centre and other businesses into the town centre can be supplied.

The energy centre will also accommodate gas boilers, pressurisation units and distribution pumps together with a building control and management system to operate and monitor the system.

Each property connected to the district heating network will have a Hydraulic Interface Unit (HIU) which is similar in size to and looks like, the traditional boiler it replaces. This device allows tenants and landlords to switch on heat and hot water as and when it is required. It also allows them to monitor the amount of energy consumed to ensure they are billed accurately for it.

Join the SIRACH Network on the 20th June for a unique opportunity to hear about the district heating network at a meeting that will focus on the importance of secondary waste heat recovery and how it can be used to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

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Venue: Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Beardmore Street, Glasgow, G81 4SA. 

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