A consultation on the next stage of the EU F Gas Regulation is now open, together with evidence reports on market trends and heat pumps.  Why does this concern the UK if we are leaving the EU?  Because Defra, the UK Government responsible for GB Regulations on F Gases and their enforcement, will be monitoring the outcomes of this as it progresses and the changes made by the EU, when they come to update our regulations.  It is important that UK associations, such as ACRIB (the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board) of which the IOR is a member and others make formal response, which show UK industry positions on important matters that will be under debate such as phase down timetables, heat pumps market support, potential extension of training for low GWP alternatives. 

The Eu F Gas website says that “Member States have a leading role in the global efforts to reduce fluorinated gases (F-gases). Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 was put in place with the objective of reducing emissions from these gases by two-thirds by 2030. As this Regulation preceded the international agreement under the Montreal Protocol, it requires some adjustments to ensure long run, full EU compliance. In the context of the European Green Deal and recent technological progress, the Commission will also examine if additional emission reductions are feasible. Finally, some changes are needed to strengthen implementation and enforcement of the Regulation. With these objectives in mind, the Commission will evaluate the performance of the current Regulation and examine any impacts of policy options for improving the Regulation. This consultation therefore aims to collect public views and evidence on the Regulation’s impact so far as well as a number of proposed policy options going forward.” 

You can read the background documents and register to make a response here:


The consultation closes end of December.