IMechE is holding its annual David MacKay Memorial Lecture on 4 December. This year's event summarises where we are with climate change and crucially what the scientists are now considering in terms of the future.

The event will cover some of the exciting ideas for greenhouse gas removal, and importantly going beyond terrestrial-based carbon dioxide removal as well as some of the approaches for marine carbon dioxide removal ands the development of materials to accelerate the rate of oxidation of methane.

Participants will hear about the different technologies which are being researched at the University of Cambridge in collaboration with multiple partner universities around the world, as well as the issues of public attitudes, governance and ethics associated with such research and potential deployment.

This event is free to attend, book your place via this website to join this in-person or online.

This is a hybrid lecture: attendees will be able to join this technical lecture at the IMechE's headquarters at One Birdcage Walk in London or via the online livestream. Limited places are available to join in-person, so early booking is strongly recommended.

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