IOR is supporting a network of Ambassadors to take part in science & engineering talks at schools (STEM). Below are some of the good ideas that came out of the most recent STEM Ambassadors network meeting…

Top tips for planning science experiments with schools

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Choose something they can all do – not just a demonstration
  3. Make it cheap, and maybe something they can take home
  4. Vary it to adapt to the age group and numbers
  5. Watch your timings
  6. Have fun – your enjoyment of engineering will be passed on
  7. Remember its all about engagement and having fun!


Top tips for inspiring practical experiments you can do in a classroom or STEM club:  (he also has some fun You Tube examples of experiments)

“Science Lab” by Robert Winston (publisher DK) has some great training programmes in this area


Top tips for becoming a STEM Ambassador:

  1.  Read the IOR guidance notes with FAQs on signing up first
  2.  Come along to IOR network webinars with members with experience in giving school talks.  
  3.  Check out some of the IOR recommended websites and videos you can use
  4.  Sign up for the STEM Ambassador programme at


  Top tips for planning the content of your school visit:

  1.  Understand how much time you have and don't overrun - Rehearse your timings if need be
  2. You could have as little as 10 minutes in a whole school presentation – yes all 1600 students plus the staff can be a little daunting … or it could be a small after school club that that has hours to fill
  3. Schools run on a very precise time table - stick to it
  4. Make sure your subject fits into the teachers curriculum planning  - Keep it relevant
  5. Consider both the teachers and your own schemes of of work (SoW) - Make sure you are both on the same page... dont go off on tangents
  6. Keep it safe and simple – you wont have time to faff about - so plan well and rehearse it if you can
  7. Expect things to go wrong, they will - There is no such thing as a perfect presentation



The IOR network of Ambassadors giving science & engineering talks at schools (STEM) needs your help!  Sign up with to join this growing group of enthusiasts promoting RACHP careers and science. IOR has guidance notes, websites and videos for you to use at - including information on how to join the STEM Ambassador programme.