The IOR is launching a Masterclass series of webinar classes starting on 25 January 2024 to be held monthly. Primarily aimed at supplementing teaching in training centres for those entering the industry, the sessions will cover topics related to the apprenticeship standard, end point exam content and also to good practice and efficiency.  The masterclasses will be led by industry experts, providing participants with a valuable link to different aspects of the sector, and the first six classes being scheduled will cover a range of subjects from heat pumps and pressure enthalpy through efficiency optimisation and insulation.

The masterclasses are free to take part in and will be held once a month online to maximise accessibility. Training providers or those managing in-house training are being encouraged to set up watch parties in the workshop, classroom or conference rooms so that trainees and students can discuss the content together and ask questions.  Recordings of each class will be added to the IOR website at and will build up into a valuable teaching and revision resource. Find out more about the programme for the IOR masterclass series and register to attend the live events at