It’s with great sadness that we have learned that John Morley IOR Fellow passed away on Saturday 11th July at the age of 78, after a number of health problems in recent years.  John was a long term contributor to IOR Technical Publications and regularly attended evening presentations with interest, always asking a useful question.  John was for many years Chairman of the IOR Technical Committee, and was instrumental in the drafting of refrigerant Codes of Practice and in their revisions.   He is remembered by many for his brilliant sense of humour, reliability and modesty. Details of the services and a full obituary are awaited. We can pass on any messages to his family on request. 

Comments from some of those who knew him well on the Technical Committee are show below:

"Sad news indeed, John was always a staunch supporter of our industry and of course a true Gentleman who will be much missed."

"I knew John through IOR work, he always took time to speak with me, had a brilliant sense of humour and listened to everyone’s point of view. He recognised the importance of different experiences and knowledge, academic or otherwise and was very modest about his own knowledge. He will be missed by colleagues in our industry and he genuinely livened up some very dull meetings."

"He was always very generous with his time in supporting other people and very modest about his own achievements which were considerable.  He was quick to volunteer to help, detailed and accurate in what he did and could be relied on to deliver.  It was also always a pleasure to be with him."

"Lovely chap. Had some great technical discussions with him back in the R407C zeotropic distillation days. Happy days, nothing but good memories of him – he was always charming and intelligent company."

"What sad news, I knew John albeit not as well as others, he was very well respected across this industry for his knowledge and sense of humour."

"I am very very sad to hear this. Apart from being a very clever man, he was such fun and always laughing"