IOR Priorities for 2023-5

The IOR Board together with members of Committees have identified the following areas as the top four IOR priorities for the next few years.  These topics will provide a focus for events, publications and promotional activity as critical issues our members want and need to address.  

We hope you will join us on working on these areas through active involvement in IOR projects, events and committees.

Leadership in education  Through continued support for the delivery of higher quality Apprenticeships. This is recognised as a long-term goal to achieve improved supply of skilled technicians for the future, who can work on any type of system/role. What we are doing:

  • Completing the review of the current EngTech Apprenticeship to ensure continuity and recognition for this profession within IfATE (the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education)
  • Supporting effective delivery by working with trainers, employers, apprentices and C&G to provide useful CPD resources
  • Promoting and celebrating the successes of trainers and apprentices


Promoting our industry to schools and young people  Continuing our work to provide encouragement and resources for members to go into schools to promote STEM (Science, technology, engineering and maths subjects) and raise awareness of careers and of the contribution of the RACHP industry.  What we are doing:

  • Partnering with STEMAZING to train women to give fun talks to school groups
  • Encouraging members to become STEM ambassadors and share experience and resources with regular STEM network meetings
  • Providing practical resources to promote RACHP science in schools with a) a kit bag of experiments and publicity materials b) new sections on for 16+ age group


Heat Pump opportunities  A short -medium term goal to address the lack of technical knowledge of heat pumps, heat recovery and integration of heating and cooling at a skills, technology and policy level.  What we are doing:

  • Focussing on heat pumps and heat recovery in Cool Talks, RACHPEngTEch bulletins and Technical papers
  • Developing an IOR Skills specification guidance note on heat pumps
  • Continuing to circulate heat pump news to IOR members and heat pump specialists to encourage them into active IOR membership or involvement.


Guidance on practical training needs for efficiency through improved service & maintenance  A shorter-term goal to encourage existing technicians, trainers and students to improve skills now.  What we are doing:

  • Supporting effective delivery of apprenticeships and training by working with trainers, employers and apprentices
  • Providing a platform for relevant resources to be shared within the new sections on fantasticfridges for 16+ age group
  • Focussing on service and maintenance for efficiency in Cool Talks, RACHPEngTEch bulletins and Technical papers


Find out more about these initiatives at: 

Heat Pumps news network

Information about STEM and Apprenticeships

CPD resources for Technicians currently available

or Contact Us if you would like to get more involved