Hear about the IOR STEM initiatives and our new IOR STEM KIT BAG that will support members talking at schools and careers fairs.  The kit includes promotional items such as a stand and t-shirt as well as give-aways and experiments to demonstrate heat transfer and refrigeration science principles. There are ideas for experiments that work with different age groups and games can be used to encourage young people to explore the IOR www.fantasticfridges.com schools website.  We have a new Education  Guidance note that explains how you can get hold of a STEM Kit and what it includes available to download here .

If you are interested in helping to promote careers in schools see our page of ideas and guidance at www.ior.org.uk/careers. There is guidance her on how to sign up as a STEM Ambassador with the STEM Learning programme who will match you with local schools and careers events.

You can also test out our online puzzles current available in draft form at www.ior.org.uk/fantasticpuzzles

View recorded presentation of our STEM kit on youtube  


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