Revised Assessment Plan for the EngTech Apprenticeship now available

During the past six months the Employers Group has been working with the Government's new Institute for Apprenticeships, End Point Assessment Organisation and Training specialists to update the guidance on how the End Point Assessments for this apprenticeship will work. The Government revisions to the how all trailblazer assessments must be carried out in mid 2017 led to some substantial redrafting and changes to the RACHP EngTech plan, which has now been finalised.

The new plan includes a lot more technical detail on critical factors that End Point Assessment Bodies need to use to develop End Point Exams. Currently only City & Guilds and BESA Training are registered to provide End Point Assessment.  There are a number of training centres who have already started preparing candidates for the apprenticeship based on the Standard published in 2015 - it is estimated that around 100 apprentices are working towards their end point assessment already.


The Assessment Plan contains information about:

  • Suggested contents for the Apprentice Development Journal, which is used as a record to document activities that the apprentice carries out during their everyday work
  • Guidance on preparing a Journal Synopsis to showcase their best work
  • Arrangements for the Apprentices' Professional Interview, where they will use evidence in the Journal Synopsis to discuss how they have applied the required skills, knowledge and behaviours in practice
  • The two Practical Test activities, equipment required and marking schedules for use by Independent End Point Assessors
  • How the different elements of the End Point Exam will be marked and graded to give an overall grade for the Apprenticeship
  • More on how Independent End Point Assessors will conduct the assessments, how they will be trained, who can be an Independent End Point Assessor, how independence and standardisation will be assured etc
  • Marking and grading of the End Point Knowledge and Skills Test - delivered as on line multiple choice test.



Need more information?


Download a copy of the Assessment Plan from the Institute for Apprenticeships website 

Download a copy of the Standard showing required knowledge, skills and behaviours

Ask your local training provider about when they plan to offer the new Apprenticeship