The Institute of Refrigeration launches a new podcast channel this week called “The Tip of the Iceberg” to explore with industry leaders, some of the critical issues facing the refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump sector in the UK.  It will contain news, views and insights from the business and engineering experts driving innovation and change in our sector. 

The first episode was recorded live at the ASHRAE Winter Meeting in Las Vegas this February.  We talked with Professor Graeme Maidment and new IOR Trustee Catarina Marques at the largest gathering of refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump experts in the world.  Graeme and Cat shared what it's like to be back at international events, what they learned there about motivation and collaboration, and why international problems like reducing the carbon impact of buildings, improving diversity and addressing covid safety, will need international solutions and new ways of working.   

Future episodes of the IOR podcast will cover topics such as Net Zero Supermarkets, Reinventing Refrigeration for the Heat Pump market and the Changing Role of the Engineer.  We are interested in finding out what other topics and people you want us to feature on the podcast so do listen, like, share and comment on the podcast website.  You can find the podcast at or follow the links on the IOR website and social media posts.