The June Episode of The States of Matter Podcast is Now Available

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Our featured guest is Colleen Keyworth, the President of the International Woman in Cooling (INWIC) Network. Colleen shares the positive impact her active participation in a professional network has had on her career development. She discusses the importance of tackling gender stereotyping when it comes to career choices and how raising the visibility of women in predominantly male roles is vital to help recruit the next generation of women into the RACHP and HVAC professions. She also shares the story of how she ended up leaving amateur rodeo and kayak tours behind to become part of the HVACR community.

Collen Keyworth 

Colleen Keyworth is the current president of the US group Women in HVACR and has recently been appointed as the first president of the International Network for Women in Cooling (INWIC). Colleen is also the director of sales and marketing for Online Access Inc, an HVACR web marketing company.

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