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Today marks the start of Mental Health Awareness Week, and this month’s episode is dedicated to celebrating the positive impact of supporting mental health in the workplace and offers advice on how to nurture your own mental well-being.

From embracing neuro-atypical personalities and behaviours to supporting those experiencing mental health difficulties, fostering an inclusive work environment can create a space that welcomes and accommodates everyone, leading to happier and healthier staff. Recognising and prioritising mental health not only makes better leaders and managers but also creates a sense of belonging and promotes overall well-being within organisations.

About our guest Solène Anglaret

Day-to-day, Solène is a diversity, inclusion, and belonging lead. Her mission is to break down borders and bring the world closer together one conversation and one story at a time.

As a neuroatypical individual, or “a round shape too large to fit in any box” as she often says, Solène is a vocal mental health and wellbeing advocate. She is constantly looking for ways to learn more about the human experience and break down stigmas and stereotypes.

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