"Temperature Matters... Absolutely!" will be the focus of this year's World Refrigeration Day.

Talking about this year's event, Stephen Gill, Founder of World Refrigeration Day said "Temperature control is crucial not only for comfort and health but also for preserving food, medicines, and industrial processes. Temperature can mean the difference between life and death; temperature matters – absolutely."

This year is especially significant as it marks the 200th anniversary of Lord Kelvin, the pioneering figure in thermodynamics known for the absolute temperature scale. The IOR will be celebrating Lord Kelvin's legacy with a special webinar with broadcasters Helen Czerski and Alok Jha focusing on Lord Kelvin's career, achievements and why the Father of Refrigeration is still relevant today. The webinar will be broadcast at 9am, 4pm and 8pm, allowing delegates worldwide to join. Register for your FREE place on the IOR website.