The IOR is participating in a research project to help identify opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing emissions from RAC equipment in Transport, Industrial, and Commercial (supermarket) Refrigeration (TICR). The project is led by LSBU on behalf of the Government Department DESNZ.  We are asking members to provide information on current site practices to help in the creation of resources and policies to support improved training, and develop performance benchmarks and technology guidance.  It will also be part of a guidance recommendation for policymakers to support the future of our sector.

We are seeking input from members to identify the barriers and opportunities to reducing carbon emissions (both direct ie leakage and indirect ie energy from use), and would ask for your views on areas such as key priorities for maintenance, design and training. The survey relates only to industrial and commercial retail refrigeration (not air conditioning, heat pumps or hospitality as they are not part of this research programme scope)

Please complete this survey and forward the link to anyone else who might be interested.