ETS logo webOver 20 years ago the IOR launched a section to provide good quality information for service engineers – a move to address practical skills and recognise the importance of the service section.  Today however, we have to recognise that the section actually represents a much larger range of disciplines working in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pumps. Earlier this year the Section Management Panel carried out a review of the title of the Section and following feedback from members and non-members decided to make a change of name to the RACHP Engineering Technician Section. The aim is to make the section inclusive of everyone working a technician role, not just those working exclusively in service activities.  This includes a very wide range of types of jobs such as the installation and commission of Split A/C Systems, VRV/VRF, Refrigeration Packs and Cases, Precision Cooling, Rooftop Chillers, to name but a few.  In addition, the new name reflects how work is becoming more integrated across refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump activities. 

We hope that the change of name will clarify the role of the IOR section and what it offers to all of those involved in technician roles in the installation, commissioning, maintenance and service of RACHP equipment.  

There are no qualifications required to sign up for the section – it is open to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and membership is immediate upon payment of the £42 annual subscription. To find out more about the RACHP Engineering Technician Section and corporate discount schemes for employers of technicians visit the dedicated section on the web site.