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Annual Call for Trustees


The annual IOR trustee elections are held during the summer each year.  Members, Associates, Technicians or Fellows are all eligible to volunteer to join the Board of Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for the governance of the IOR, influencing its direction and making important strategic decisions. They are responsible to the membership and to the Charity Commission for the effective operation of the IOR.  Nine members serve as IOR Trustees and each year two new trustees are elected and two of the existing trustees stand down. This allows regular opportunities for different members to take part.

If you are interested in finding out what the IOR Board of Trustees does and what commitment would be involved see our guidance below.

To stand for election as a Trustee you will need to provide a short application statement and photo as well as the signatures (email or scanned) of two members as supporters.  Nomination forms are available below. The deadline for the return of nomination forms is 1st August.  Members will be invited to vote for Trustees in a web-based election in October and the results will be announced at the AGM on in November.

There are lots of different ways to get more involved in the IOR’s work if you decide you dont want to become a Trustee. You can join a committee or working group or volunteering to give a paper or talk. Most IOR groups use telephone conferencing to plan and report on activity now, so they are very accessible to members in any location.  If you are able to commit some time to taking part in a project group and following up on actions please contact Miriam Rodway, Chief Executive to discuss your interests and current vacancies.


Becoming an IOR Trustee - Guide to IOR Board


Legal responsibilities

The IOR is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Trustees are responsible to the IOR membership for the effective operation of the IOR and for steering its future direction but they also have legal responsibilities similar to those of Company Directors under the Charities Act. The IOR is regulated by the Charity Commission and the usual business law. The responsibilities of Trustees are serious. The Charity Commission says “Trustees have and must accept ultimate responsibility for directing the affairs of the charity, ensuring that it is solvent and well run, and delivering charitable outcomes for the benefit of the public for which it was set up”. This includes:

  • Ensuring compliance with Charity Law and any other legislation or statutory obligations that apply to the organisation
  • Ensuring compliance with the Charity’s own constitution and objectives
  • Ensuring prudence in financial operation, management of funds and reporting to further the purposes and aims of the Charity.
  • Managing staff, premises and other resources
  • Exercising a duty of care using their personal knowledge and expertise to ensure that the organisation is well run and professionally represented
  • Identifying when external expertise is required or a conflict of interests occurs.

For more about the legal obligations of becoming a Trustee see

IOR Constitution and rules


Making sure IOR meets charitable objectives

The IOR’s objects are:

  1. The general advancement of refrigeration in all its applications, in relation both to the perfection of its methods, and to the extension of its services to the community.
  2. To promote means for communication between members and their interchange of views.
  3. To encourage invention and research in all matters relating to the science and practice of refrigeration.
  4. To promote a sustainable approach to all aspects of refrigeration system design and operation
  5. To co-operate with educational institutions for the furtherance of education in the science and practice of refrigeration.
  6. To hold meetings of the Institute for reading and discussing papers dealing with refrigeration and allied subjects.
  7. To publish and distribute the proceedings or reports of the Institute.
  8. To do all other things, incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.


How the Board of Trustees works

The IOR Board (previously known as the Council) meets three times a year to discuss strategic issues and priorities. They take an active role in the work of the IOR by joining committees, steering groups and representing the IOR at industry meetings. 

The Meetings of the Board are chaired by the President. They cover key strategic issues such as membership, marketing, communications, scope, education, events, technical etc.  The Board members take decisions on policy issues and financial matters such as recommending membership fees or changes to grading.  They also monitor legal obligations around risk, conflict of interest, financial reserves and investments, and employment. This ensures that the IOR’s assets and income are managed appropriately. Each year at the AGM they report on results and future plans.


Current Board priority areas

Each year the Board set strategic priorities for the IOR as the way to achieve our long term strategic objectives to grow the Institute in order to remain relevant to the whole sector, represent it with authority an ensure sustainable income to provide technical, education and networking services.

The priorities for 2018/19 are:

  • Effective membership marketing activities
  • Improve the image and communications the IOR presents
  • Address the needs of and raise IORs profile in the AC&HP area
  • Widening member participation


Current Board members

  • Kevin Glass (President). Chairman of Trustees. Representative to ACRIB. Member of Finance Committee.
  • Steve Gill (Immediate President-Elect), Representative to ACRIB
  • Nick Rivers (Hon Treasurer). Chairman of Finance Committee.
  • David Bostock (Elected Member).
  • Mike Nankivell (Elected Member). Member of Service Engineers Section
  • Rob Lamb (Elected Member), Chairman of Membership Committee
  • John Austin-Davies (Elected Member), Chairman of Trailblazer Apprenticeship Group
  • Jactina Caden - Appointed November 2018
  • Graeme Fox- Appointed November 2018


Two new members of the Board are elected by members each year. Elected members normally serve for three years.  Member, Fellow, Technician and Associate grade members can stand for election as Trustees.    New Trustees are inducted to the Board through a briefing session with the President and Chief Executive. They are provided with information about their legal obligations, meetings schedule, current strategic priorities and key documents such as Declarations of Interest, Risk Assessment, Constitution and Rules and Budgets.

IOR has standing committees covering topics such as Finance, Membership, Technical, Education, International, Service Engineers, Papers & Publications.  Working groups cover SIRACH, Young Engineers, Women in RACHP, Apprenticeships, Conferences and Dinner.

The IOR employs a staff of 3 full time and 3 part time personnel from our office in Carshalton, Surrey.




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