IIR Commissions and Committees

Conference of the IIR Commissions

B1 – Thermodynamics and transfer processes

B2 – Refrigerating equipment

C2 - Food science & engineering

D1 – Refrigerated storage

D2 - Refrigerated transport

E1 – Air conditioning

E2 – Heat pumps and energy recovering

Scientific Committee

Nacer Achaichia, Belgium, Honeywell

Jocelyn Bonjour, France, National Institute of Applied Sciences, Vice-president IIR Commission B1

Gerald Cavalier, France, Cemafroid, President of IIR Commission Section D

Alberto Coronas, Spain, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, President of IIR Commission B2

Piotr Domanski, USA, National Institute of Standards and Technology, President of the IIR The Science and Technology Council

Eckhard Groll, USA, Purdue University, President of IIR Commission B2

Jacques Guilpart, France,  M F Conseil, President of IIR Commission Section C

Richard Lawton, UK, CRT, President of IIR Commission D2

Robert Low, UK, Mexichem Fluor

Reinhard Radermacher, USA, University of Maryland, Honorary Member of IIR Commission B2

Claudio Zillio, Italy, University of Padova, Secretary of IIR Commission B2

Baolong Wang, China, Tsinghua University, Secretary of IIR Commission E1

Organising Committee 

Steering Group

Andy Pearson (Chairman), Manuel Camacho, Judith Evans, Robert Kebby, Bob Low, Richard Lawton, Jeremy Miller, Chris Seeton, David Williamson and Eric Winandy

Event Manager

Lisa Waters, Institute of Refrigeration