Keynote Presentations 

Challenges of the new landscape of flammability

Kenji Takizawa, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

The presentation will explore flammability issues, including testing and risk assessment.

Topics to be included are:

  • An overview of the scale of the testing that is being undertaken.
  • What types of tests are being carried out.
  • What is being learned and why it is important.


HFOs in use - feedback from end users

Rajan Rajendran

Emerson Climate Technologies

This presentation will explore how HFO development has impacted end users and their business. It will provide insight into the concerns, practical problems or issues that the end users have faced. It will give a  general overview of the end users experience of the use of HFO refrigerants. Look at  what end user look for in equipment using HFO refrigerants and what issues cause concern about the use of HFO’s and how do they rank these issues.


Policy contexts and implications of F-Gas refrigerant phase down

Davinder Lail

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 

This presentation will include information about how the current F-Gas Regulation has led to a shift to alternatives. It will give insight into global policy in light of the Kigali Amendment and explore the EU standardisation request to CEN regarding role evolution of safety standards. It will also consider what  the next review of the F-Gas Regulation might focus on. 


Keynote speakers

Kenji Takizawa 

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technologysmall kenji

Dr. Kenji Takizawa received his PhD in chemical engineering at the University of Tokyo in 2002. He is a senior researcher in the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan. His work has focused on developing evaluation methods of low flammability especially for greenhouse gas alternatives. He is a member of ISO TC86 SC8 (2005- ) and ASHRAE SSPC34 (2011- ) on standardization of safety classification of refrigerants, and a committee member on High Pressure Gas Safety Act (2015- ). He has introduced evaluation test methods of mildly flammable refrigerants into the international standards and the national regulation.


Rajan Rajendran

Emerson Climate TechnologiesRajanRajendran2 Emerson

Rajan Rajendran is vice president, System Innovation Center and Sustainability at Emerson Climate Technologies. Rajendran serves on HVACR industry committees, such as the AHRI, the Alliance For Responsible Atmospheric Policy, NAFEM and ASHRAE. In addition, he is vice chair of the Systems Steering Committee at AHRI, the co-chair of the Global Food Cold Chain Council (GFCCC), and represents the United States on UNEP’s Refrigerant Technical Options Committee (RTOC) as the chapter lead author for Refrigeration and member of the Air Conditioning chapters.  Rajendran also coordinates the alternate refrigerants work within Emerson and serves as the official spokesperson for Emerson on refrigerant related topics. 


Davinder Lail

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Photo cropped

Davinder Lail has worked on environment and agriculture policy for the Government for over 20 years.  This has included work on housing, climate change, air quality, renewable energy and the Common Agricultural Policy.  He was also a Private Secretary to previous DEFRA Ministers.  He currently leads the team responsible for protection of the ozone layer and the phase down of fluorinated greenhouse gases.