Interested in becoming an IOR trustee?

Call for nominations

The IOR is looking for Members to join its Board of Trustees. The Trustees manage the governance of the IOR and strategic direction.  The Board of Trustees includes nine members and each year two new members are elected to ensure opportunities for different members to take part.  To stand for election as a Trustee you will need to provide a short statement, a photo and details of two members who to support your nomination.  Nomination forms and more information is available at The deadline for applications is 1st August 2021.  There will be a web-based election in the autumn to choose the two new trustees.  

President-Elect nominations procedure

This year the IOR is also going to be appointing a President-Elect to support our current President, Mike Creamer, during the next year of his presidency. The Board of Trustees is responsible for nominating candidates and is now starting to consider potential nominees.  Members can also nominate additional candidates so if you are interested in finding out more about this process or the role of President-Elect see the person specification here.     

Joining IOR committees and working groups

There are lots of different ways to get more involved in the IOR’s work such as joining a committee or working group or volunteering to give a paper or talk. Most IOR groups use telephone conferencing to plan and report on activity now, so they are very accessible to members in any location.  If you are able to commit some time to taking part in a project group and following up on actions please contact us at to discuss your interests and current vacancies.