IIR Commissions and Committees

Conference of the IIR Commissions

C2 - Food science & engineering

D1 – Refrigerated storage

D2 - Refrigerated transport


Scientific Committee

Jocelyn Bonjour (France), INSA CETHIL,  Vice President IIR Commission B1 

Paul  Byrne (France), University of Rennes

Gerald Cavalier, Cemafroid, Chair of the IIR Scientific Technial Committee 

James Carson (New Zealand), Waikato University 

Don Cleland, (New Zealand), Massey University

Judith Evans (UK), London South Bank University,  IIR President Commission C 

Eckhard Groll, (USA), Purdue University,  IIR President Commission B

Ji Hwan Jeong (South Korea), Pusan National University,  IIR President Commission B1

Kuniaki  Kawamura (Japan), MYCOM,   IIR President Commission D1 

Richard Lawton (UK), CRT Cambridge,  IIR President Commission D

Alain Le Bail (France), Oniris, President Commission C2

Silvia Minetto (Italy) Italian National Research Council, Rome,  IIR President Commission D2 

Bart Nicolai (Belgium), KE Leuven,  IIR Honorary member commission C2 

Andy Pearson (UK), Star Refrigeration,  Vice President IIR Commission B1 

Toby Peters (UK), University of Birmingham,  Vice President IIR Commission B1 

Claudio Zilio (Italy) University of Padova,  IIR Secretary Commission B2 


Organising Committee 

Steering Group

Andy Pearson (Chairman), Paul Arrowsmith, Manuel Camacho, Alexander Cohr Pachai, Judith Evans, Bob Low, Jeremy Miller, Toby Peters John Skelton and Richard Lawton

Event Manager

Lisa Waters, Institute of Refrigeration