1st IIR International Conference on the Role of Refrigeration in Adapting to Rising Ambient Temperatures

10 Aug 2025 to 12 Aug 2025

The Institute of Refrigeration is proud to announce that the 1st IIR International Conference on the Role of Refrigeration In Adapting to Rising Ambient Temperatures will be held in the UK in August 2025. 

This inaugural event will take place at the University of Manchester from the 10th to the 12th of August 2025. The conference will attract an international audience of RACHP professionals and academics to address the risk of increased demands on refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump equipment in Industrial and commercial,  public buildings, homes and cities. 

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Conference Overview

As global temperatures continue to rise, the challenges faced by the refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump (RACHP) sectors are becoming increasingly complex. This conference will explore these critical issues, and encourage the exchange of ideas and innovation among experts dedicated to developing sustainable and resilient solutions.

The Conference will be supported by relevant IIR commissions and will incorporate Commissions B1, B2, C2,  D1, D2,  E1 and E2. 

Why Attend?

This conference will attract a diverse international audience, including researchers, engineers, industry leaders, and policymakers, all focused on the intersection of refrigeration technology and climate change adaptation. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Explore Technical Challenges: Discuss how rising ambient temperatures will influence RACHP technologies and system designs. Learn how different sectors—from air conditioning to commercial refrigeration and transportation—are uniquely impacted and what common solutions might be applicable across the board.
  • Sector-Specific Insights: Gain valuable insights into the specific challenges and opportunities facing various RACHP sectors. Air conditioning systems, for instance, grapple with different issues compared to commercial refrigeration or transport cooling, each requiring tailored approaches and innovations.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Connect with leading experts, share knowledge, and explore collaborative opportunities. This conference provides a unique platform to compare and contrast sector-specific challenges and to identify areas that demand further research and development.


Academics, consultants, system designers, equipment designers, students, system operators, equipment management companies, building managers, consultants, equipment manufacturers, equipment management companies, industrial customers, and policymakers. 


  • Managing Risk
  • Environmental and Social Governance
  • The Future Landscape of RACHP   

Full details can be found here.


Call for papers 

The first formal conference announcement and call for papers will be issued shortly. Details will appear on the website but if you would like to be sent further information about abstracts and papers please contact us. 


Sponsorship packages are available for companies who wish to raise their profile in this sector and take advantage of the international exposure this event will attract.  Packages range from £500 to £7000.

To be sent further details of this event when available please contact us.


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