Conference Themes

The conference will provide up-to-date information on how businesses and governments can tackle the upcoming challenges of rising ambient temperatures and how these changes will affect the future of RACHP. 

The conference will include keynote speakers, paper presentations, workshops, training sessions and technical tours. 

Parallel streams will explore the following conference themes;

Managing Risk Environmental and Social Governance   The Future Landscape of RACHP
Assessing the risks of increased demands  Meeting the increased demand for cooling and lower carbon emissions Adaptation strategies and plans for existing buildings and processes
Building resilient cold chains Avoiding the need for mechanical cooling Design and planning of new equipment, systems and location factors
Reducing risk of overheating/Indoor air quality matters Demand side management, energy storage, local energy generation Successful cooling in extreme temperatures
Management of heat in buildings and processes  Carbon reduction solutions for high energy using industries Networked solutions – Making use of neighbourhood networks
Skill building – engineering training and skills Thermal balancing and insulation Retrofitting solutions
Working fluids and rising temperatures Low carbon innovation New technologies that avoid the use of global warming refrigerants
Smart Solutions for extreme weather events Direct emissions reduction, low charge and leak-tight systems Whole life cycle costing
  Net zero approaches and solutions Transport refrigeration, mobile air conditioning and rental equipment 
  Low-tech solutions – better management, maintenance and operation Test standards for high ambient temperature