sirachqueensquay1SIRACH past events

Decarbonisation of Industrial Refrigeration - 23rd August 2023 - International Congress of Refrigeration. Paris, France. 

  • Emissions from the Transport, Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration in the UK, Catarina Marques and Henrique Lagoeiro, London South Bank University
  •  Decarbonising Large Industrial Refrigeration. Experience from the UK - Manuel Camacho, J&E Hall 
  •  Decarbonising Commercial Refrigeration. Experience from Europe - Giovanni Cortella, University of Udine 
  • Decarbonising The Cold Chain. Experience from New Zealand - Don Cleland, Massey University  
  • Refrigerations and the Montreal Protocol Mary Najjuma, Independent Consultant on the Montreal Protocol 
  • Panel debate with all speakers

Secondary Waste Heat Opportunities

20th June 2022 - Queens Quay Energy Centre, Glasgow

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SIRACH Meetings at the ASHRAE Winter Conference Las Vegas - January 2022

  • Role Models: How to Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers -  a workshop on the 30th January 2022
  • Implementing and Optimizing Smart Local Energy Systems -  2nd February 2022 


Data Centre Heat Recovery

16th November 2021 - Zoom Meeting


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Hydrogen for heating and cooling

21st September  2021 - Zoom Meeting

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Lessons learned from the integration of heat pumps – The challenges and opportunities.

7th July  2021 - Zoom Meeting


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Energy Systems - Looking Forward to 2050

17th February 2021 - Zoom Meeting


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  • Where will we be by 2050? An overview exploring the opportunities and challenges to be faced in order to move to a more sustainable and energy-efficient future -  David Elmes of the Warwick Business School
  • How will building become more energy-efficient, Hywel Davies Technical Director of CIBSE - 
  • Role of E-Mobility in Future Energy System, Sagar Mody, Cenex
  • The future of Hydrogen, Charlotte Farmer, Hydrogen East
  • A heating revolution- Heat Pumps, Chris Jessop, Independent Energy Consultant 
  • Future Generation Urban Energy Networks, Anthony Riddle, Silver EMS
  • An interactive session focusing on pros and cons of centralised versus localised energy production


Innovation to deliver a low carbon future

27th October 2020 -Webinar

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  • Real-time demand-side management of a retrofitted air source heat pump with energy storage in a three-bedroom terrace home Chris Wilson, Ulster University
  • City Energy Transformation: Working in communities to make net-zero happen. Adam Parson, E.ON 
  • GreenSCIES: Co-design and engineering value in a Smart Local Energy System. Sahiba Chadha, Cullinan Studio 


Three Minute Thesis

31st July 2020 - An event for young researchers at the International Rankine 2020 Conference


Business innovation in sustainable thermal systems

11th June 2020 - Webinar

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  • Brian Churchyard, Senior Manager for Construction Design Standards, Asda


Heat pumps and heat recovery  

9th June 2020  - A webinar organised in association with the LoT-NET Knowledge Exchange Network. 

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  • Heat pump research at Warwick - looking ahead at next-generation ammonia heat pump cycles. George Atkinson, University of Warwick
  • Heat from Underground Energy London - Heat FUEL. Henrique Lagoeiro, London South Bank University

  • Benefits of cooling with heat recovery for electrical cable tunnels and data centres. Matt Wegner, London South Bank University

Thermal Systems of the Future - Joint T-ERA and SIRACH meeting 23 January 2020 at the University of Birmingham 

Smart Energy Systems- An International Opportunity. 28th August 2019 at the 25th International Congress of Refrigeration in Montreal Canada 

  • Welcome and introduction - Graeme Maidment,  London South Bank University
  • The potential of heating and cooling in the EU's pathway to decarbonisation - Andrea Voigt, EPEE
  • Canmet ENERGY and KIER joint work on smart heating and cooling -  Eny-Joon Lee, Korea Institute of Energy Research 
  • Green smart community-integrated energy system - Akos Revesz, London South Bank University 
  • Panel Discussion with the speakers  


Smart Energy Networks of the Future

4th July 2019 hosted by Islington Council 

Programme and speaker:


Low Carbon Heating and Cooling for Clean Growth- A Green GB Week Event

16th October 2018 hosted by Warwick Business School

Programme and speaker:

John Armstrong, Head od Operations District Heating / City Energy Solutions, E.ON

Brian Churchyard, Senior Manager Construction Design Standards, ASDA Wal-Mart

Martin Fahey, Head of Sustainability, Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems UK

Lisa Pogson, Joint Managing Director, Airmaster Air Conditioning Ltd

Phil Smith, Operations & Senior Project Manager - Energy, ASDA Wal-Mart

Ben Watts, Innovation Director, Engie UK

Innovation in Community Heating and Cooling

5th July 2018 hosted by BRE

Programme and speakers:


Advances in Heat Exchangers for Heating and Cooling - 

8th March 2018 hosted by Kelvion

Programme and speakers:

Heating and Cooling – Smart Systems for Recovery, Integration and Energy Saving

25 January 2018 at ExCel London

Programme and speakers:

  • Future framework for heat and decarbonisation in buildings, Ruth Richmond, Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • Opportunities for heat recovery with data centres, Robert Tozer, Operational Intelligence
  • High-efficiency high-temperature heat pump installations, Kenneth Hoffman, GEA Refrigeration
  • Optimal design and operation of distributed low-carbon energy technologies in commercial buildings, Salvador Acha, Imperial College London
  • Heat mapping and heat recovery in the urban environment, Rob Liddiard, LUSTER Project
  • The use of smart systems and controls to improve efficiency and reduce energy usage, Miriam Solana, Carel

Applications for Cryogenic Cooling

12 October 2017 hosted by STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)

Programme and speakers:

  • Welcome and overview of Harwell Campus including The Science and Technology Facilities Council and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.  Angus Horner, Director of Harwell Science and Innovation Campus Management
  • The thermal design and testing of the Mid Infrared Instrument (MIRI) on the James Webb Space Telescope, Bryan Shaughnessy, Science and Technology Facilities Council 
  • Case Study: Refrigerated delivery truck cooled by a liquid nitrogen powered engine,  Greg King, Sainsbury’s and Gabriel Millan-Lazaro, Dearman Refrigeration                  
  • Large scale energy storage, Tim Gardhouse, Highview Power Storage
  • Cryostimulation as an emerging assistive technology for influencing bodily structure and metabolic functions, Katya Mileva, London South Bank University
  • 2K JT-cooler for the ESA Athena mission, Martin Crook, Science and Technology Facilities Council 


Fans, Airflow and Eco Design: Innovation in Retail Design

14 June 2017, hosted by ebm-papst

Programme and speakers: 

  • Case studies of the energy saving benefits of upgrading legacy refrigeration equipment with EC fan technology. Tony Wright, ebm-papst UK
  • Simulating fan innovation. Geoff Lockwood, ebm-papst UK
  • The Eco Design Directive for the retail, professional and domestic market. Judith Evans, Refrigeration Development and Testing
  • Aerofoil Energy: The innovative use of airflow. Paul McAndrew, Aerofoil Energy Ltd in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering
  • Free cooling, how air is being used as a refrigerant in supermarkets. Steve Shipp, Ultra Refrigeration
  • Short air curtains and air movement in cabinets. Catarina Marques, Adande Refrigeration


Energy Efficiency and the Future - Gaining Business Advantage from 20-20-20 targets - 2 March 2017 at London South Bank University

Programme and speakers:

  • What will 20-20-20 mean for UK Business?  Andy Pearson, Star Refrigeration and Technical Committee Chairman of the IOR
  • 20-20-20 objectives and the impact on greenhouse gases and energy efficiency. Andrea Voigt, EPEE
  • 20-20-20 objectives and the renewables market. Greg Arrowsmith,EUREC
  • 20-20-20 targets and the global picture.  Roberto Peixoto, RTOC and UNEP
  • The implications and consequences of greening the grid. Philip New, Energy Catapult
  • HFOs - part of the solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Mexichem and Honeywell
  • Case Study SYMBIOPTIMA Smart Thermal Grid Data Storage. Andrew Marshall,Spirax Sarco Ltd
  • Case study: Improving energy efficiency through the smart use of data. John Clark, Star Refrigeration


Thermal Storage in Smart Energy Systems 

23 November 2016 hosted by the International Energy Research Centre in Cork

Programme and speakers:

  • Welcome and overview of the International Energy Research Centre and it's research. Tony Day, The International Energy Research Centre 
  • Overview of the Tyndall National Institute, Tony Day, 
  • Integrated cooling and heating in cities. Gareth Davies, London South Bank University
  • Demand response analysis in an all-electric domestic dwelling. Donal Finn, University College Dublin
  • Heat Pump and Thermal Energy Storage – Practical experiences and suggestions. Neil Hewitt, Ulster University
  • Heat storage, Phil Eames, Loughborough University
  • Energy usage and environmental impact of refrigeration plants. Seamus Kerr, The Irish Institute of Refrigeration and RSL Ireland


Refrigerants and regulations, driving or stifling innovation?

23 August 2016 at Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh

Programme and speakers:

  • Welcome and overview, Graeme Maidment, Chairman of SIRACH
  • Industrial refrigeration, Alexander Cohr Pachai, Johnson Controls
  • Large commercial refrigeration, John Austin Davies, EPTA
  • Small commercial refrigeration, Torben Funder-Kristensen, Danfoss
  • Air conditioning and heat pumps, Steve Kujak, Ingersoll Rand
  • Extreme/specialised applications of refrigeration, Pega Hrnjak, University of Illinoise
  • Are ‘conventional’ (natural or fluorinated) refrigerants the future? Piotr Domanski, National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • Panel discussion and summary  


Energy reduction and sustainability in the food chain

20 April 2016 hosted by Brunel University

Programme and speakers

  • Welcome and Overview of the RCUK National Centre for Sustainable Energy Use in Food Chains, Savvas Tassou, Brunel University
  • Energy savings from improved air distribution in chilled food manufacturing facilities, Carlos Amaris & Demetris Parpas, Brunel University
  • The vulnerability of refrigerated food to unstable power supplies, Rob Liddiard, UCL
  • Doing Cold Smarter, Professor Freer, The Cold Commission
  • Smart Cold Innovation and Skills Road Map, Judith Evans, IOR Technical Committee
  • The dynamics of energy demand, Elizabeth Shove, Lancaster University.
  • Energy modelling of frozen food supermarkets Zoi Mylona Brunel University
  • Shaping energy with technology Alex Howard Origami Energy

Domestic and Commercial Heating and Cooling - Next Generation Technologies

20 January 2016 hosted by  Daikin

Programme and speakers

  •  Introduction to the day and SIRACH, Professor Graeme Maidment
  •  Welcome and company overview of Daikin, Gary Barrington, Daikin
  • Domestic heating hybrid systems, James Jennings, Daikin
  • Novel solid state coolers electrocaloric, Florian Le Goupil, Imperial College London
  • The opportunities offered to the refrigeration sector by the Knowledge Transfer Network, Dr Tatiana Correia, Knowledge Transfer Network
  • Development of magnetic refrigeration and heat pump system, Vincent Delecour, Cooltech Applications
  • Innovation and energy reduction, the low energy fridge, Ian Tansley, The Sure Chill Company


Networks for Heating and Cooling - Opportunities, Challenges and New Solutions 

1 October 2015 hosted by Newcastle University

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to Newcastle University. Professor Tony Roskilly, Newcastle University.
  • District Heating Matters. Professor Jim Swithenbank
  • District  Energy in Newcastle: Past Present and Future. Allen Jones, Newcastle City Council 
  • Heating Network at University of Warwick – novel innovations and use of ORC. Joel Cardinal, University of Warwick, Head of Energy & Sustainability
  • 90°C 13MW Heat pumps retrofitted to DH; 67% cost saving, 100% carbon saving and free cooling.........what are you smoking? Dave Pearson, Director, Star Renewable Energy
  •  Outlook on future heat pumping and refrigeration technologies. Prof. Reinhard Radermacher. Winner of the J&E Hall Gold Medal

SIRACH at the 24th IIR International Congress of Refrigeration -

20 August 2015 at Yokohama, Japan

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to SIRACH. Professor Graeme Maidment
  • Managing Innovation, Dr Andy Pearson F Inst R
  • Innovation in the USA, Prof. Pega Hrnjak of the University of Illinois a
  • Challenge for Innovation Yes, You Can, Prof Emeritus Koichi Watanabe of Keio University.

Innovations in Heat Pumps and Cooling - The Integration Challenge - 23 April 2015 hosted by Arctic Circle 

Programme and speakers

  •  Introduction to the day and SIRACH. Professor Graeme Maidment.
  •  Introduction to Arctic Circle. Nick Franzen, Arctic Circle.
  • Integrated CO2 refrigeration solutions. Paul Bevington, Carter Synergy
  • Energy savings utilising automatic analysis in supermarkets. Egill Elvestad, IWMAC.
  • Ground source heat pumps and their integration into commercial refrigeration. Pat Maughan, Hubbard.
  • High Temperature Vapour Compression Heat Pumps Utilising Alternative Working Fluids. Professor Neil Hewitt, University of Ulster.
  • Overcoming the challenges of heating, cooling and energy balance, Chris Green, Arctic Circle

Energy Solutions for Green Buildings - 5 February 2015 hosted by the Climate Center

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and SIRACH. Professor Graeme Maidment.
  • Climate Center Innovation. Robert Franklin, Climate Center.
  • Update on gas-fired heat pump development. Bob Critoph, University Of Warwick.
  • Daikin Heating Hybrid. Stuart Tandy, Daikin UK
  • Energy Futures – where will current investment take us? Professor David Elmes, Warwick University.
  • SIRACH networking. Carole Bond, Carbon Data Resources.
  • Energy systems for green buildings and solar panel heat pumps. Prof. Ruzhu Wang (winner of the J&E Hall Gold Medal)
  • Tour of the Climate Center facilities.

Commercial Refrigeration Cooling and Heating - 22 October 2014 hosted by the Abbey Pumping Station

Programme and speakers:

  • Introduction to the day and SIRACH. Professor Graeme Maidment.
  • Supermarket trends and future innovations and changes. Bob Arthur Frigesco and Bolyn
  • The Dearman Engine - a high efficiency, zero-emission solution for refrigerated transport. Nick Owen, Dearman Transport.
  • Understanding sustainable food shopping: sustainably minded shoppers and the supermarket. Adrian Friday Lancaster University.
  • Refrigeration heat recovery and the geoscart™ alternative. Geoscart Heat Recovery White Paper  Alban Leiper, Geoscart. 
  •  Phase change materials and their application. Phil Eames, Loughborough University


Innovation in Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps - 2 September 2014 hosted by Mitsubishi Electric

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and SIRACH. Professor Graeme Maidment.
  • Welcome and company overview, followed by "Heat pumps - the pivotol technology" Carl Dickinson, Mitsubishi.
  • Future challenges in energy at National Grid. Iain Shepherd, UK Transmission, National Grid.
  • Transition to a low carbon heating sector: Overcoming the barriers of customer acceptance and tackling grid constraints. Lukas Bergmann, Delta EE.
  • SIRACH networking. Carole Bond, Carbon Data Resources.
  • Heating the University of Glasgow with river sourced heat pumps. Andrew Poon King, University of Glasgow. 
  •  A fuel cell tri-generation system for domestic buildings. Mark Worall, Nottingham University. 
  • Tour of the Mitsubishi facilities.

Challenges to implementing sustainability - 25 June 2014 at St. Mary's University Twickenham, London

Programme and speakers

  • Global environmental priorities for the cold chain – Natasha Hurley, Global Environment Campaigner, Environmental Investigation Agency
  • Overcoming barriers to innovation – Ian Tansley, Chief Technical Officer, Surechill Technology
  • Balancing business priorities with environmental policy and change – David Bostock, GEA
  • The impact of national policy on change in the UK food and drink manufacturing sector - Stephen Reeson, Head of Climate Change & Energy Policy, Food and Drink Federation
  • How government policy is driving changes in the energy market – Penny Dunbabin
  • Energy demand and supply issues - Alastair Hotchkiss, British Gas


Heat powered cycles - 21 May 2014 hosted by Spirax-Sarco Limited

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and SIRACH. Bob Critoph, University of Warwick
  • Welcome and company overview. Jeremy Miller, Spirax Sarco
  • Sorption Heat Pump and Energy Storage Research Bob Critoph, University of Warwick
  • Refrigeration and Thermal Sciences - Activities at University of Bristol.Dr Mike Tierney University of Bristol
  • Steam as a refrigerant:- the challenge of developing a micro steam compressor. Jeremy Miller, Spirax Sarco
  • SIRACH networking. Carole Bond, Carbon Data Resources
  • The challenge of low temperature heat recovery with ORC, Ciara O’Sullivan, Spirax Sarco 
  • Heat pipes. Dr Hussam Jouhara, Econotherm (UK) Ltd
  • Tour of the Spirax Sarco facilities.


Heat pumps & thermal storage - 25 February 2014 hosted by Emerson

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and SIRACH. Professor Bob Critoph
  • Welcome and company overview of the Cookstown plant. Craig Vicary, Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Heat pumps – what is the potential, where are the challenges and what needs to be done for greater commercialisation? Dr Guy Hundy, Aleph Zero.
  • Heat pump developments at University of Ulster. Professor Neil Hewitt.
  • The Dimplex A Class Heat Pump, Neil Stewart, Glen Dimplex
  • SIRACH networking. Carole Bond, Carbon Data Resources
  • Small heat pumps. Professor Neil Hewitt, University of Ulster
  • Refrigerant Module Heating (RMH). Dr Eric Winandy, Emerson Climate Technologies
  • Tour of the Emerson Climate Technologies facilities


Recycling and reducing waste - 19 September 2013 hosted by Overton Recycling

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and SIRAC. Graeme Maidment.
  • Welcome and company overview of the Overton plant and processes. Dean Overton, Overton Recycling.
  • The Environmental Permitting of Fridge Recovery Plant. Alan Owers, Environment Agency.
  • SIRAC networking. Carole Bond, Carbon Data Resources.
  • Carbon Footprinting at W.R. Rachel Spooner, WR Refrigeration.
  • Food waste and its impact on carbon emissions, Sophie Easteal, WRAP
  • Tour of the Overton facilities.

Review of Foster Refrigerator - 29 May 2013 hosted by Foster Refrigerator

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and SIRAC. Professor Graeme Maidment. 
  • Welcome and company overview. Chris Playford, Technical Director, Foster Refrigerator. 
  • Novel refrigeration developments at Foster. Chris Playford, Technical Director, Foster Refrigerator. 
  • SIRAC networking. Carole Bond, Carbon Data Resources. 
  • VIPs for commercial refrigeration. Chris Knowles, Nanopore
  • Development of a magnetic refrigeration system for domestic refrigerators. Alesandro Pastore, Camfridge. 
  • SIRAC networking activities continued 
  • The Energy Related Product Directive – how this will affect the professional refrigeration cabinet industry. Chris Playford, Technical Director, Foster Refrigerator.
  • Thermal energy storage in integral refrigeration equipment-potential benefits and design issues. Dr Amir Raeisi, Brunel University. 
  • Tour of the Foster facilities


Review of Henry Technologies - 27 February 2013 hosted by Henry Technologies

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and SIRAC. Professor Graeme Maidment.
  • Welcome and company overview. Sandy MacDonald, Managing Director Henry Technologies.
  • Computer Aided Engineering in the design of Safety Valves. Jordan Gronkowski BEng (Hons), Design Engineer Henry Technologies.
  • KTP - Facilitating innovation through collaboration. Dr Marcus Wood, KTP Adviser.
  • SIRAC networking. Carole Bond, Carbon Data Resources.
  • Two phase flow analysis. Dr William Dempster, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering University of Strathclyde.
  • Developments in compressor design. Graeme Cook, Howden Technical Director, 
  • Tour of the Henry facilities.


Refrigerant Recycling at Harp International - 21 November 2012 hosted by Harp International

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and SIRAC. Professor Graeme Maidment., London South Bank University
  • Introduction to Harp International. Dewi Garcia, Harp International
  • 4th generation refrigerant selection. Martyn Cooper, Mexichem
  • Refrigerant Reclamation – practical aspects of regulated business. Dewi Garcia, Harp International
  • Latest information on refrigerant proposals from EC and assistance that F-Gas support provides. Dornford  Rugg, DEFRA.
  • Atmospheric measurements of refrigerant in the UK and Ireland, Dr Aofie Grant, Bristol University
  • SIRAC networking facilitated by Carole Bond
  • Tour of the Harp recycling facilities.

Commercial cabinet design and manufacture at EPTA - 20 September 2012 hosted by EPTA

Programme and speakers

  • Introduction to the day and the SIRAC Network - Professor Graeme Maidment, London South Bank University
  • Introduction to EPTA -John Austin-Davies, EPTA
  • Natural refrigerant training - Jon Sheehan, EPTA
  • Refrigerated display cabinets and the circular economy - Dan Bibalou, Bond Retail Display and LSBU
  • System efficiency index better than COP? - Dr Guy Hundy, Aleph Zero
  • SIRAC networking facilitated by Carole Bond    
  • Tour of the EPTA manufacturing and test facilities


Sustainable Innovation Review - 12 January 2012 at London South Bank University

Programme and speakers

  •  Introduction: the drivers for innovation by Prof. Graeme Maidment, Chair of SIRAC and London South Bank University
  • A review of the research market in Europe and the UK by Dr Gareth Davies, London South Bank University
  • Success factors in industry R&D by Dr Guy Hundy, Alephzero
  • The future for academic collaborative research by Andrew Gigiel – CCC consultants
  • The potential of new technologies by Prof. Judith Evans RD&T
  • EPSRC, Research priorities in engineering and science in the UK by David Holtum, EPSRC
  • SIRAC networking “Setting our agenda for the next five years” facilitated by Chris Seeley with an action planning session on how SIRAC will operate in the future
  • Conclusion: A future for innovation in RAC in Europe.